Here we go again….

Dear Baby Pacheco,

Hello little one! I guess you’re the baby now, and Alex is the big brother. 🙂 Dad & I are so excited that you’re on your way to us! It happened much more quickly than we anticipated, as I’d just gotten off the pill & we weren’t even seriously trying yet. We’d decided to just let the chips fall where they may for awhile & more actively try to get pregnant if we hadn’t conceived by this summer. But I guess you were ready to make this journey! A few days ago, even though it was unlikely as we’d been more or less avoiding my ovulation days, I took a pregnancy test and got this:

SaturdayTwo lines = pregnant! I was shocked, excited and nervous at the same time. This was at 6:30am on a Saturday morning and Dad was still asleep. I shook him awake and shoved the test in his face. “Whazzzat?” was his sleepy reply. When I explained, he just smiled and said “How do you feel?” He was already convinced I was pregnant, as he has a lot of faith in his abilities to knock me up with relatively little effort. As he said when we were trying for our first baby and again this time around, his “sperm is strong.” LOL. Men!

Anyway, by my calculation your due date is either January 26 (the EXACT same as your brother’s) or 27. Either way, you will be almost exactly two years apart. We were shooting to have our kids be somewhere in the range of 2-3 years apart, so we are thrilled. Uncle Jeff & I are almost exactly 2 years apart as well, so it’s an age difference I’m used to. Because it is still VERY early in the pregnancy, I feel just fine– no major symptoms or anything like that. Our first pregnancy appointment with the doctor is scheduled for next week. We haven’t told many people yet, not even your grandparents! So at this point I don’t have much to share except that we are so excited, and you are already so loved… and much anticipated! This is going to be a long 9 months. 😉

All my love,


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