First Blood (T-R-O-U-B-L-E)

Dear Alex,

7 months today! Time is flying by WAY too fast, as always.  As you’re growing and developing into more and more of a little boy and less of a “baby” …. you’re moving around, playing a lot and really starting to show us more and more of your personality. For one thing, you are very much a morning person, like me! Every single morning you wake up with a smile. You never fuss or cry, just wake up and calmly play around in your crib until I come in to get you up & dressed. When I walk in here’s what I’m greeted with:

Lots of big cheesey grins! 🙂 By the way, the little lovey you sleep with (on the right here) is a monkey named Ernie. At daycare you sleep with a froggy one that I kept stuffed in my bra for several nights so that it would smell like me. The things I do for you! Haha. Anyway, during the day you have a pretty consistent schedule of…





(Ice cream!! :-D)

(Ninny! That’s what we call your bottle, haha)

and of course, SLEEP!

… and when you deviate from that schedule you tend to get a bit fussy. You’ve also developed quite a penchant for trouble– ALREADY– and because you’ve gotten so mobile, Dad & I have to keep an eye on you pretty much at all times now. Otherwise, you inevitably get into something that you’re not supposed to! You especially love to go after little trash cans & power cords, and attempt to roll and/or crawl off of high surfaces. Dad & I really need to get on baby-proofing!

Speaking of trouble, you had your first little injury a few weeks ago. Back when you were still scooting rather than crawling, you would fling your whole body forward & pretty much face-plant into the ground. One afternoon you were scooting over to me, then suddenly changed direction and flung yourself face-first into a hard toy. You busted your lip right open! When you started to cry, then I picked you up & saw your lip was bleeding, I was crushed & felt like such a terrible mom. You were alright within a few minutes, but still I cannot believe that “first blood” happened on my watch! Dad tends to play a little rough with you so I was sure it would be him. 😉 LOL. Ironically, not long after that you got much better at crawling, and no longer face-plant on a regular basis:

Of course, now you are moving on to a whole new potential for trouble: climbing! You very interested in grabbing and climbing things, I think with the intent of pulling yourself up to standing… but you aren’t quite there yet! When you grab my hands you can pull yourself up to standing, but that’s as far as it goes at this point. I just know one morning very soon I’m going to walk into your room and you’ll give me that big ol’ smile while standing up holding the side of the crib! Ack! 😉

I think I forgot to mention last time that at your 6 month appointment you clocked in at about 20 pounds and 28 inches. MONSTER BABY! You’re into 12 month size clothes already, it’s getting hard to keep up with your wardrobe! I’m buying size 18 month stuff for the fall/winter in the hopes that they will actually fit you at that point… we shall see! Stop growing so fast, okay? Can we slow down time a little bit? This phase is just so much fun, I want to enjoy it a little longer! People have started to ask me what I’m planning for your first birthday party, which just completely blows. my. mind. I’ve barely thought about Halloween, let alone your birthday! Okay, I’m starting to ramble so I’d better wrap this up. Overall it’s been a really busy, productive, and fun summer for us. I can’t wait to see what sorts of adventures fall will bring! You are such a joy to us Alex, and we love you more than words can say! 😀

All my love,


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