People say the darndest things

Dear Alex,

You’re a little over 34 weeks along now– less than 6 weeks to go until your due date! The produce for this week is a butternut squash, but at my OB-GYN check up this morning they told me that you’re actually measuring 2 weeks ahead! This puts you at (an estimate) almost 6 lbs. and 18 inches long… you’re going to be a big baby! Or an early baby! But between the two I’d rather have a big baby. 😉 Dad & I were actually both big, so it makes sense that you are too. Considering how huge I am looking these days, I can’t say that I’m surprised:

Bump Pic 34 Weeks 12-17-12

And it’s gotten to the point where strangers say things to me about it pretty much wherever I go. I’ve heard all sorts of comments on my size, some more rude than others, ranging from “wow it looks like you’re ready to pop!” to “how many babies are in there?!” … :-\ I don’t know what makes people think it is a good idea to say such things to a hormonal, exhausted, generally uncomfortable pregnant woman. So far I’ve been able to hold my temper in check, thank goodness! This is yet another reason I am so glad to now be officially working from home full-time, I can relax, look however I want & not worry about what silly strangers have to say.

Other than that not much has been going on. The rest of the OB-GYN checkup went well as usual… I am so incredibly thankful that this pregnancy has gone relatively smoothly. Hopefully it will continue to do so! The doctor also told me that you are officially in the head-down position, which is one less potential birth complication to worry about. Your heartbeat is nice & strong, and you have been VERY active lately. Sometimes you push on my ribs or hips so hard that it’s downright painful, but not unbearably so. With the end of the pregnancy being so close, Dad & I continue to work on things pretty much every day in preparation for your arrival. This week we finished the hospital bags & put together the bassinet. In the coming week we’re shooting to get the swing and pack & play put together, and possibly get the car seat bases installed too. But with Christmas just a week away, we might be too busy getting ready for that!

One more thing I want to share with you before I go… we got our maternity photos back from the photographer on Friday! I think overall they turned out really good, especially considering it was the photographer’s first time doing maternity pictures. She caught a lot of great “candid” moments that really show the love Dad & I have for one another (and for you!). She took a TON of pictures, but here are a few of my favorites:

All my love,

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