Baby, You Light My Fire

Dear Alex,

Well,  the hurricane that rolled through this week didn’t end up being too bad for us. Dad had us sleep downstairs to be on the safe side, but we never lost power or sustained any damage. It was pretty bad for our family & friends up in the north east though… they are still dealing with the aftermath unfortunately. Anyway, you are a little over 28 weeks (7 months!) along today, the size of an eggplant. I can tell that you’re growing like a weed in there:

As Dad has said a couple times this week, “that belly is getting tight!” 😉 During this last stage of pregnancy, you are running out of room and can’t move quite as freely. Although I still feel quite a few sharp kicks & pokes (actually last night I felt one in the ribs for the first time– ouch!), I also feel a lot more squirmy sorts of movements. You ESPECIALLY love to wiggle around during the night! Quite the night owl you are, but as I think I’ve mentioned before… I haven’t been sleeping that well for some time anyway. I suppose it’s good practice for those first couple months after you’re born. Haha

It’s been getting harder to sleep for a lot of reasons, but one that’s really flared up (pun intended) over the last couple weeks is heartburn. This is caused by you getting bigger and pushing my stomach up towards my esophagus. It seems that no matter what I eat, like clockwork I get hearburn right around 4-5pm every day and it stays overnight. I brought it up to my OB-GYN at my monthly check-up this week, and she recommended taking Zantac. As much as I hate taking meds with you still growing in there, I decided to break down & heed her advice… and honestly I’m really glad I did. The difference is like night & day!

The rest of my OB-GYN appointment went pretty well also. You are measuring right on track, and your heartbeat is nice and strong (hearing it is my favorite part of every appointment!). Unfortuntely I had to take my second gestational diabetes test and get a shot while I was there, so I went through more poking & prodding than usual this time. I haven’t heard anything about the test results, so I’m hoping no news is good news in this case. From here my appointments go from monthly to bi-weekly, then during the last month they’ll be weekly. Hard to believe I’m at this point already! You’ll be here before we know it. 🙂

Well, I suppose that’s about it for this week. Until next time, big guy!

All my love,

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