Do you hear what I hear?

Dear Baby Pacheco,

Today makes 16 weeks along for us… FOUR MONTHS of pregnancy have flown by already! My sources say you are the size of an avocado now…. you’re getting so big so fast. My belly agrees:

Last night as we were getting ready for bed Dad said for the first time: “Wow, your stomach is really starting to stick out!” Hahaha. I gave him a “look” and he quickly added “But I think it’s wonderful!” Good save, Dad. 😉 I’m still fitting into some of my own clothes, but am wearing quite a bit of maternity stuff, too. I think it’s not really that the size of my stomach has significantly changed per se, but the ratio of baby to fat has shifted quite a bit so (1) it is shaped differently and (2) I can no longer “suck it in”… And people are definitely starting to notice & stare a little bit. I have to keep repeating to myself “it’s okay, you’re pregnant!”

Anyway, Dad & I are so excited because you’ve reached a big milestone this week: at the 16 week mark all the bones in your little ears have formed, so you can hear us now!! So cool. We have been talking to you all day, and when we were riding around in the car running errands this afternoon Dad was having fun telling you about different kinds of music as it came on the radio (“So Baby this is called ‘Classic Rock,’ but who knows what they’ll call it by the time you’re grown up.” Haha). Also the last night or two I’ve felt what I think (hope!) may be the beginning of kicks/punches from you… I generally only notice it late at night when I’m very still & things are very quiet, and even then it’s very much a “blink & you’ll miss it” sort of thing. They kind of feel like tiny muscle spasms, or indigestion, I can’t decide which. It may just be wishful thinking/feeling on my part, but I’m enjoying it nonetheless. 🙂

The only other thing that went on this week was that we got an awesome surprise in the mail from Nana & Grump– a dresser for your nursery! We just got it on Friday & Dad had to work today, so we’re planning to get it set up tomorrow. Since we ended up getting the dresser for free I decided to go ahead & order a changing table as well. I wasn’t planning to get one initially since it’s not something that is really needed based on my conversations with other moms, but it will be nice to have that extra storage space & designated changing spot upstairs. Still waiting to do any further decorating beyond the big pieces of furniture until we know your gender (just a few more weeks!!).

Beyond all that (haha), it’s pretty much same old same old around here. I am feeling great except for the growing pains, which are starting to increase in frequency & intensity… but nothing I can’t handle. On Monday I have an appointment to get tested for gestational diabetes. I’m a little nervous about this, since between my weight & family history I am at a much higher risk for it, but trying have a “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it” attitude. Hopefully by the time I write you next week we’ll know one way or the other. Until then, baby avocado! 😉

All my love,

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