Growing pains and the munchies

Dear Baby Pacheco,

As of yesterday you are 13 weeks along, and about the size of a peach. Dad & I had some fresh peaches yesterday to celebrate. 🙂 I still am not really showing a whole lot. Most of the “bump” you see in the picture below is my own fat & pregnancy bloating (sigh), but some of it is you too… So I’m going to own it! Haha

While you aren’t exactly visible to the naked eye just yet, I can most definitely feel your presence these days. Most of the time I feel what is a sort of weight or pressure in my lower abdomen, and I’m getting random stabs of pain (but not too bad, don’t worry) in my lower abdomen as well. These are known as “round ligament pains” and are a side effect of the muscles in that area stretching to accommodate your growth. When I press down in the area I can feel a hardness just beneath the surface that I believe is my uterus (where you live 😉 ). Finally being able to notice things like that is so cool!

I’m happy to report that nausea seems to be pretty much gone, and I most definitely have my appetite back. Some days in particular this week I felt constantly hungry. I still haven’t been craving any particular thing all the time, but I do have a couple of craving stories to share. A couple of weeks ago Dad was catching up on this blog, then he turns to me & says “How come you haven’t written about the salt & vinegar chips?!” … and honestly I hadn’t really noticed it, but the last few weeks I’ve picked up bags of salt & vinegar chips every time I go to the store and chomp them down all by myself. Haha. That is probably the one thing that has sounded good to me all the time throughout this whole pregnancy so far. Then more recently, I was at the grocery store & saw the glazed donuts in the bakery… and HAD to have one. However, they weren’t selling individual donuts, so it was a dozen or nothing. Needless to say, I ended up coming home with a dozen donuts. On top of that, Dad is on a diet so I’ve been eating them all by myself. Whoops! I’m going to bring whatever’s left to work on Monday morning to share with my coworkers.

I suppose these stories make it sound like I’m eating nothing but junk, but I swear I’m eating a lot of healthy stuff too. I make sure to have at least one fruit/veggie and one serving of protein at every meal, and I drink several glasses of milk each day. Just as importantly, I’ve gotten into the habit of taking my prenatal vitamin every night before bed. Even as we speak, I am drinking a smoothie made with spinach, pineapple, strawberries & orange juice. Yummy! And now that I’m getting a bit of energy back (really just a little bit so far, hoping more of it comes back soon) I’m able to get in more exercise. I go jogging with Dad a few times a week, and either hit the gym at work or do videos at home a couple times a week also. So you are being well taken care of! 🙂

And I guess that is about all that’s going on with me this week. We did “go public” with the news of your impending arrival on Tuesday as I mentioned in my last post, and it was really heartwarming to see the torrent of love, support and well wishes we received from friends and family when they heard the news. Without a doubt Baby Pacheco, you are VERY VERY loved already… and there are a lot of folks out there who can’t wait for you to make your grand entrance (myself & Dad included of course)! 🙂

All my love,

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