Cautiously optimistic…

Dear Baby Pacheco,

After almost two months of trying, I took a pregnancy test this morning and got this:


The line is so faint… I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes! After consulting some friends on the TTC boards I have been assured that this is a positive result, and that over the next couple of days my test results should show progressively darker lines. Who knew I would ever care so much about a silly little line on a stick?

I’m going to wait until the test results are a little more obvious to tell Dad, since I know he will be skeptical of such a faint line… but baby, you’re on your way (I think)! 😀 I’ll post again once I’ve shared the news with Dad, probably tomorrow or sometime this weekend. Until then, I’ll be praying for your safety and health as we start this journey together.

All my love,

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