Boobs, Blood Tests, and Big Reveals

Dear Baby Pacheco,

You are almost 5 weeks along now! I am starting to notice more symptoms come and go… one of which is sore boobs. I’m sorry, because I know the last thing you want to read about is your mother’s boobs, but for the sake of completeness I thought I’d mention it. I also felt the slightest & briefest wave of nausea yesterday morning, but it passed so quickly that I’m wondering whether that was really a symptom or just in my head. 😉

My blood test results from Monday showed my pregnancy hormone (hCG) levels at 362, so my doctor asked me to come in again yesterday for another blood test. Since hCG levels are supposed to double every 2-3 days during early pregnancy, they were looking for my level to be at least 800ish. I went in, not as nervous about getting my blood drawn since it went so well on Monday, but it ended up being such a nightmare! I went to my normal doctor’s office and the nurse poked me three times (right wrist, left hand & the back of my right arm) but was unable to find a good vein to get the blood from. She sent me to their special “blood draw center,” which luckily was close by, and the nurse there poked me twice more– once in the left wrist and then was finally able to get it from my right hand. By the end of it all I felt like a pincushion!

Dad took this picture of me with all my “battle scars” last night. That is supposed to be a sad pouty face, but I was trying so hard not to laugh! Anyway, we were praying for better results this time so that I wouldn’t have to get yet another blood test next Tuesday (honestly I’m so bruised up now I don’t know where they could get it from at this point). The doctor called me this morning and said the results showed my hCG levels at 1,317– almost triple what they were on Monday! Dad & I are both so happy and relieved that everything’s right on track, and that so far you seem to be a happy and healthy little bean in there! 🙂

This weekend we are going to West Virginia for our annual reunion with Nana’s side of the family. They are the only branch of family that doesn’t know you’re on your way yet, and Nana came up with a really great way to tell them! When we open up our packages with the reunion shirts in them, there’s going to be a little card with this poem inside:

The Pacheco family is expanding by one
Shane and Laura are having a daughter or a son.
The family grows and the name will carry
The little one should be here in January.

Nana is so creative! Anyway, we can’t wait to share our happy news & see everyone’s reactions. 🙂 I’m sure they will all be so excited and looking forward to meeting you come January.

All my love,

Sharing the news & First appointment

Dear Baby Pacheco,

The few days since I last wrote you have been quite a whirlwind! I’ve been peeing on pregnancy tests almost every morning since Thursday, and have quite a variety now:


According to my (& the doctor’s) calculations, you are 4 weeks & 2 days along today and are due on January 26, 2013. 😀 I went ahead & told Dad the big news on Thursday night. It was one of the sweetest, most emotional moments we’ve had together. He was (and still is!) the happiest I’ve ever seen him, and is definitely VERY excited that you’re on your way to us! We went out to dinner to celebrate & decided to make a special trip down to Hampton over the weekend to share the news with our closest family. Papa, Grandma, Grump and Nana were all so thrilled! They can’t wait to meet you. 🙂

This morning I had my first appointment with my OB-GYN. It went pretty well– they did a few tests and everything was normal. They also took a blood sample (which I was really nervous about since my veins are small & hard to find, but it was surprisingly quick & easy), and we should have the results back in a few days. The biggest thing the doctor mentioned was that because I am overweight, I’m going to have to be extra careful about what I eat and how much weight I gain over the course of the pregnancy (only about 10-15 lbs). They will also be keeping a close eye out for gestational diabetes throughout the pregnancy, since I am at higher risk for it. The best part of the visit was scheduling our first sonogram! Dad & I will get our first glimpse of you on June 11. We can’t wait!

Everyone who knows I am pregnant keeps asking me how I’m feeling… and so far, the answer is just fine. 🙂 I’ve felt a little cramping off & on, and my sense of smell seems a little sharper, but that’s about it so far. From what I’ve read, this is normal for being so early in the pregnancy. So for now I am not going to worry and just enjoy the experience! 

All my love,


Cautiously optimistic…

Dear Baby Pacheco,

After almost two months of trying, I took a pregnancy test this morning and got this:


The line is so faint… I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes! After consulting some friends on the TTC boards I have been assured that this is a positive result, and that over the next couple of days my test results should show progressively darker lines. Who knew I would ever care so much about a silly little line on a stick?

I’m going to wait until the test results are a little more obvious to tell Dad, since I know he will be skeptical of such a faint line… but baby, you’re on your way (I think)! 😀 I’ll post again once I’ve shared the news with Dad, probably tomorrow or sometime this weekend. Until then, I’ll be praying for your safety and health as we start this journey together.

All my love,