A Twinkle in my Eye

Dear Baby Pacheco,

Whenever my mother refers to a time before I was born, she says “when you were just a twinkle in my eye.” So I guess that’s what you are right now– a twinkle in my & Dad’s eyes. And boy, have you been twinkling for a long time! Ever since Dad & I got married almost 3 years ago, we have been dreaming and planning for the right time to bring you into the world. After we got married and moved to the DC area to start our new life together, we saved and saved until we could afford a nice family home in a friendly neighborhood with plenty of space to raise you and your future siblings. Then we spent another couple of years fixing the place up so it would be safe & comfy for our family. So now the time is finally right, and we are ready for you!

At the end of last month on my 26th birthday, I got off the birth control pill and we officially began this journey towards parenthood… Apparently the other “mommy blogs” out there call this TTC (trying to conceive). Dad will tell you about what a meticulous & thorough planner I am (possibly to a fault, haha!), and this trait has led me to doing a lot of research over the past few weeks on fertility and the TTC process. BOY is there a lot of information out there; it’s a little overwhelming!

Based on what I’ve read so far it’s probably going to take awhile to get you started, especially since I was on the pill for so long. Until then we will keep saving, keep planning, keep dreaming… and most importantly, keep praying for God to help you find your way to us. I’m not sure how much I’ll have to say on the TTC process, so this blog might be a little scarce to start off with. I’ll try to keep it interesting! Until next time, Twinkle. 🙂

All my love,